Development of Stationary Fuel Cell Systems in Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Mr. Shoichi Hidai
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation



Development of a CVD derived hydrogen permselective silica membrane and its application to the thermochemical water splitting method

Prof. Mikihiro Nomura
Department of Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology

1998 Awarded the degree of PhD, Department of Chemical System Engineering, University of Tokyo
1998-2001: Research Associate, Waseda University
2001-2002: Postdoctoral fellow, Technology University of Delft
2002-2003: Postdoctoral fellow, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
2003-2006: Research associate, the University of Tokyo
2006- Present: Department of Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Recent research: Hydrogen separation using ceramic membranes, CO2 conversion through thin ceramic membranes


Carbon Recycling Initiatives of Hiroshima Prefecture

Mr. Koji Masuhiro
Innovation Promotion Team, Hiroshima Prefecture



Hydrogen production by sodium redox cycle as conversion technique of low temperature heat

Prof. Hiroki Miyaoka
Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development, Hiroshima University

Hiroki Miyaoka was born on September 1980 in Ehime, Japan. He obtained Ph.D from the Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University in the field of hydrogen storage materials. He is working in the energy conversion and storage fields continuously at Hiroshima University as a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2009-2011), Assistant Professor (Special appointment) at the Institute for Advanced Materials Research of Hiroshima University (2011-2016), Associate Professor in Institute for Advanced Materials Research of Hiroshima University (2016-2017), Associate Professor in Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development of Hiroshima University (2017-2022), and Professor (Special Recognition) in Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development of Hiroshima University. His research focuses on thermochemical hydrogen production, hydrogen storage materials, ammonia synthesis, and ammonia absorption materials. The number of his publications is about 120, and the total citation is about 2,200.


Metal hydrides for catalysis

Prof. Jie Zheng
Peking University

Jie Zheng is an associate professor at the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University. He received his Bachelor (2004) and PhD (2009) degrees from Peking University. He works on both fundamental science and applications of material-based hydrogen storage/generation technology, including metal hydrides and liquid organic hydrogen carriers.


Hydrogen Perspective in Japan

Mr. Eiji Ohira

Eiji Ohira was born on 27 June 1968 in Akita Prefecture. He obtained a Bachelor of Science from the Tokyo University of Science in 1992 and a Master of Science at AIST in 2006. He is the Strategy Architect of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Office In this capacity, he has been responsible for the overall strategy, execution, and coordination of NEDO’s research, development, and demonstration project on fuel cell and hydrogen since 2013. He has also coordinated fuel cell and hydrogen activities with international stakeholders, through the International Energy Agency’s Technology Collaboration Program (IEA Hydrogen TCP (Vice Chair), Advanced Fuel Cell TCP), and International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE). He joined the NEDO in 1992 and served as a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997-1998. Before taking up the current position in April 2013, he served in several positions, including Representative at NEDO Asian Representative Office, Director of the Energy Storage Technology Division.


Green Hydrogen Supply Chain Using Methylcyclohexane as Hydrogen Carrier

Dr. Koji Matsuoka

General Manager, Innovation Technology Center, ENEOS Corporation



Water electrolysis for renewable electricity utilization

Prof. Shigenori Mitsushima
Graduate School of Engineering Science and Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center, Yokohama National University, Japan

Shigenori Mitsushima is Vice-dean of the Graduate School of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University, and Director of the Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center, Yokohama National University


India's stride towards Sustainable Energy: Overview of Green Hydrogen Mission

Prof. Ankur Jain
Centre for Renewable Energy & Storage, Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Ankur Jain is currently heading the Centre for Renewable Energy & Storage, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, India. He is also associated with Hiroshima University, Japan as a visiting Professor. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of Rajasthan-Jaipur, India. He has 15 years of teaching/research experience at various Universities including the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (2007-2011), and the Hiroshima University, Japan (2011-2020). His research interest focuses on the development of energy storage materials with particular attention on Hydrogen Energy, Ammonia, and anode/electrolytes material for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries. He has published more than 120 research papers in reputed Journals and authored more than 20 books/book chapters with more than 3800 citations. He has delivered more than 35 invited lectures/talks at various platforms. He has been the recipient of several prestigious fellowships and awards including the ICTP-TRIL fellowship, Italy; Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellow, UGC, India; Young Scientist Award, DST, India; Visiting Scientist Award under Indo-Swiss Joint research programme; JSPS-Postdoctoral fellowship, Japan; Young Scientist Award from young division of International Association of Hydrogen Energy, Canada; DST-INSPIRE Award, India.