Prof. Sheffield

Global trends of the hydrogen economy

Prof. John W. Sheffield, PhD
Purdue University

Dr. Sheffield holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. He served as one of the founding associate directors at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization - International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies during their first two years of operation. For 40 years, he has served as an editor of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. He served as the Executive Vice President of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy. In August 2014, he completed a two-year assignment as a principal consultant at DNV GL - Energy supporting the evaluation, measurement and verification of energy efficiency programs. In 2015, he completed a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program as an industrial mentor for a potential start-up company based on the manufacturing of bio-inspired bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells.


Prof. Mao

Chinese hydrogen situation and vision

Prof. Mao Zhongqiang
INET, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Dr. Zongqiang Mao is the leading figure in the development of Hydrogen Energy in China. His team built the first pure hydrogen filling station in Beijing China in 2006 and also built the first hydrogen/natural gas (HCNG) filling station in Shanxi Province, China in 2010. the HCNG was awarded by IAHE at the WHEC2014. He has made many contributions to the IAHE, including the organization of many international forums such as WHEC2000, HYFORUM2004, HYFORUM2008 and WHTC2013 in China. He was former Chair of China Association for Hydrogen Energy (CAHE) and former director of China Hydrogen Standard Technical Committee (SAC/TC 309). He is now vice president of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), vice director of ISO/TC 197, expert for IPHE. He has published more than 160 scientific papers, 4 books and several Patents and got the IAHE award in 2006.



Pushing forward of hydrogen road in Japan

Prof. Ken Okazaki
Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Global Hydrogen Energy Unit

Dr. Okazaki received Doctor of Engineering in mechanical engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1978. He was with Toyohashi University of Technology from 1978 to 1992 and he was a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology from 1992 to 2015. He is now a specially appointed institute professor and professor emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research subjects cover a wide range of energy and environmental issues including hydrogen-based advanced energy systems and fuel cells, clean and high-efficiency coal/biomass technologies for global environmental protection, non-equilibrium plasma chemistry and applications. He was a president of Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan, president of Heat Transfer Society of Japan, vice-president of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) and others. He was a Dean of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology from 2007 to 2011. He was a member of the Science Council of Japan in the cabinet office until 2017.

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