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Next editions of HYPOTHESIS will be held in Singapore (2018), Iguaçu, Brazil (2019) and Cape Town, South Africa (2020). Proposals to host HYPOTHESIS in 2021 will be examined during next HYPOTHESIS, in Singapore.

A proposal should be submitted in advance to the series coordinator by a university, a research centre or a PCO and has to be personally presented to the members of the International Advisory Board during the conference held three years before. Such a proposal has to contain:

  • the name of the conference chairperson and the list of the members of the organising committee;

  • information about the conference venue;

  • information about the accommodation (including eventual not expensive accommodation like university lodgings);

  • information about the connections to the closest international airport;

  • the most suitable dates (see below a list of conference and fairs usually scheduled in odd years);

  • eventual declarations of interest from government, local administration, industries, universities, ....

  • eventual sponsorships already confirmed;

  • a provisional budget taking into account that

    • the registration fees should not exceed by more than 5% the fees of the previous edition;

    • the registration fee for delegates will include the participation to all scientific activities, conference proceedings, lunches and coffee breaks, welcome reception, conference dinner, eventual social events and eventual technical visits);

    • the registration fee for accompanying person will include welcome reception, conference dinner, eventual social events and a specific tourist program (including lunches);

    • a sum of 2500 € has to be paid at the agreement signing (two years before the conference) as a contribute for website maintaining and conference promotion during other hydrogen related conferences;

    • the conference coordinator will be provided with a complimentary registration and an appropriate hotel accommodation and his living and travel expenses (including airfares) will be fully covered by the organisers;

    • one representative from the organisation of the subsequent HYPOTHESIS edition will receive a complimentary registration and a complimentary booth will be offered (if required) to promote the conference;

    • the members of committees should pay a reduced registration fee to the conference; however the organisers could decide the amount of such a fee depending on the budget.

Due to the increasing requests coming from Convention Bureaus, an alternative possibility has been made available. A Convention Bureau could ask (one year more in advance, that is 4 years before the proposed date) to the series coordinator to prepare a proposal to be evaluated by the members of the International Advisory Board. In such a case the series coordinator has to find an organiser which would assume the financial risk connected with the conference. No guarantee can be given by the conference coordinator that an organiser will be found and that a winning proposal will be obtained. The Convention Bureau has to:

  • propose the name of the conference chairperson after having contacted him/her and after having checked that his/her organisation is not available to organise the conference assuming the financial risk;

  • invite the coordinator of the conference series to visit the available conference venue;

  • support the coordinator of the conference series in collecting all useful information for the conference success;

  • supply eventual declaration of interests from government, local administration, industries, universities, ....

  • supply a list of local sponsors interested to sponsor the conference.

In any case the conference coordinator will chair the Scientific Committee and will manage the scientific program and the contacts with speakers (eventually cooperating with the local organiser in case it is a university or a research centre).

When HYPOTHESIS was created it was the unique hydrogen related conference held in odd years. Nowadays the situation is significantly changed and it is not easy to avoid conflicts with other conferences.
It is mandatory that HYPOTHESIS will not be held in the same continent and same dates of IAHE official conferences (WHEC/WHTC) which are normally assigned in advance to HYPOTHESIS.
A short list of some important hydrogen related international conferences and fairs regularly held:

  • WHEC - Different places - Usually in Jun/Jul, even years

  • WHTC - Different places - Different months, odd years

  • FC EXPO - Tokyo (Japan) - Feb/Mar, every years

  • Group Exhibits Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Hannover (Germany) - Apr, every years

  • HFC - Vancouver (Canada) - Apr/Jun, odd years

  • FC EXPO - Osaka (Japan) - Sep, every years

  • ICHS - Different places - Usually in 2nd week of Sep, odd years

  • FCS - Different places (in USA) - Oct/Nov, odd years

  • EFC - Rome/Naples (Italy) - Dec, odd years