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Two research teams (Energy Conversion Systems and Electric Systems) are engaged in the Energy field.
  • Energy systems and environment
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Industrial electric and cogenerative systems
  • Policy and economics of energy and environment
  • Renewable energies and energy saving
  • Technologies and systems for energy conversion and transportation
Prof. Salvatore P. Cicconardi is the leader of the research team Energy Conversion System, which works in the hydrogen field.

The team is structured in three groups:

  1. Prof. Elio Jannelli and Dr. Maria Giovanna Minutillo, whose main interests are cogenerative systems, energy savings and environmental aspects
  2. Prof. Gustavo Fontana and Dr. Enzo Galloni, whose main interest is internal combustion engines
  3. Prof. Giuseppe Spazzafumo, Dr. Alessandra Perna and Dr. Federico Tunzio, whose main interests are hydrogen systems, fuel cell systems and renewable energy sources