The purpose of the HYPOTHESIS series is to provide a forum where representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities and government agencies can meet, discuss and present the most recent advances in Hydrogen technology.

The Symposium will address all aspects, theoretical, experimental and prototype developments of Hydrogen as an energy carrier.


The HYPOTHESIS 2019 topics cover research and technological aspects on fundamentals, materials, modelling, simulation and system development for:

  • Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources
  • Hydrogen production from conventional fossil sources
  • Hydrogen production from wastes and residual biomass
  • Hydrogen separation and purification
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen distribution and infrastructures
  • Fuel cells technologies and their applications
  • Thermal and combustion applications
  • Energy storage and Power to fuel
  • Co- and tri-generation devices
  • Other carboneutral energy systems
  • Hydrogen technologies life cycle analysis
  • Economics of hydrogen based systems
  • Payback of hydrogen based systems
  • Energy and cost saving potential
  • Safety, standards and regulations
  • Roadmaps and policies

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